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You have checked out.Thank you for staying at Woodland Cabins. We hope to welcome you and your friends here again in the future. Happy Travels!

Thank you so much for helping us out! We read your comments and often can act on them right away :)

Check out Information

Check out time:
Before 11am

(10am for The Grand Fir Suite)

Leaving the room mostly clean and tidy (no need to be perfect) is very much appreciated. (Main building: Please have washed all dishes with the final load filled and running before departure.) No need to strip the bed(s). No need to empty the garbage, recycle, returnables, or compost but if you prefer to do it yourself the bins are located on the trail near the main building. Doing one last check for forgotten items is a great idea. Phone chargers in outlets, socks in the bottom of the sheets, and food in the fridge are all very commonly missed.

We genuinely appreciate all feedback as it heavily influences our to do list. We don't at all view feedback as complaining. Super happy guests still can have great ideas of how we can continue to improve or notice things that could use some attention. Thank you for being our eyes and ears and helping us to get better and better!
Click here to leave feedback.

If we're available we love to say thank you and goodbye. If you're feeling up for it please come knock on our door or send us a note to say that you're heading out soon. We'll do our best to connect before you leave. If we're not available or if you prefer to slip away please click here to notify us that the room/cabin is ready for cleaning.

What next?
If you had a great stay it would mean the world to us if you are up for helping by telling a few friends, posting on social media, or rebooking your next visit. Standing out in the crowd is by far our greatest challenge so doing these things makes a massive difference. If you do all three of these things within 14 days of check out we'd be thrilled to give you 10% off your next stay (up to $100) as our way of saying thank you! Just proceed with making a reservation at and then contact us to adjust the total.

Thank you one last time! We wish you all the best on the rest of your journey. Happy travels!!!

Shaun & Brenda Gaynor
Woodland Cabins, Sorrento, BC

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