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Shuswap (Interactive map)

White Lake
(Hover over marker to see what is there)

White Lake Map.png
White Lake Provincial Campground
Boat Rental Shop
Hugh Road Park Swimming Area
Pull outs beside lake
Woodland Cabins
Lake Interpretive Viewpoint
Playground, Bike Park, Lookout Trailhead
Disc Golf Course
Community Hall

1 km

Driving directions map.png
Woodland Cabins

Lake Access & Beaches
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Restaurants and Groceries
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Shuswap Beaches Map.png
Memorial Beach
Pebble Beach
Sandy Beach
Hugh Road Park public swimming area
Boat Rental Shop
Public Campground Dock
Pull outs beside lake
FINZ Marina
Shuswap Marina
Bayside Marina
Shuswap Boat World
Paid Boat Launch
Small water craft boat launch
Boat Launch
Blid Bay Boat Launch
Sorrento Boat Launch
Woodland Cabins
Restaurant map.png
Asian Holiday Chinese Food
Blind Bay Village Grocer
Duffers Restaurant
Ranchers Pizza Bar
Spinnakers Cafe
Sprokkets Cafe
Timber Restaurant
Bayside Marina
Home Restaurant
Stratis Mediterranean Restaurant
Frankie's Pizza
Copper Island Pub
Sorrento Pizza
Steamers Coffee
Woodland Cabins

Hikes & Walks
(Hover over marker to see what is there)

Hiking Map.png
Upper and Lower Flumes Trails
Tsútswecw ProvincialParkTrails
Mount Baldy
MacArthur Heights Trails
White Lake Lookout Trail
Margaret Falls
Chase Creek Falls
Syphon Falls Trail
Raven Foreshore Trail
Sicamous Lookout Trail
Balmoral Trails
Woodland Cabins

Driving Directions

Driving Directions (Google will get you here but you'll miss seeing the lakes and may end up on a dirt road with pot holes called Nayki Road)


  • Heading west on HWY 1: Turn Left on to Balmoral Road (Chevron Station)

  • Heading east on Hwy 1: Turn Right on to Balmoral Road (Chevron Station)

  • Turn right immediately onto White Lake Road (behind the Chevron Station)

  • Follow windy White Lake Road for 6 minutes.You will arrive at a 170 degree bend in the road to stay on White Lake Road. (If you continue straight and pass White Lake Hall. You are now on Parri road. Go back to White Lake Road)

  • Drive for 30 more seconds on White Lake road over a small bridge between Little White Lake and White Lake and 30 more seconds to Schmid Road.

  • Make a very sharp right turn onto Schmid Road.


We are located at 2772 Schmid Road which is the driveway at the end of Schmid Road up to the left.


Follow the signs to proceed directly to your reserved accommodations. (Right to the cabins, straight to the rooms and GF Suite)

Driving Directions
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