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2000 Push-up Challenge!!! Oh my

Updated: Feb 21

And so it begins... Yikes! 

This is our official launch of our "Push- Up Challenge". The Canadian Mental Health Association is hosting a fundraiser from Feb 1 to 23 in which participants do 2000 push ups!!! You may be thinking "What! That's insane!" Or you might be thinking "What's the big deal?" I wish I could say that this will be easy for me but it's definitely not. I can currently do 20 solid push ups at one time with fresh arms. Doing that roughly 5 times per day, every day, is going to be tough! Follow me through this journey. I'll be giving an update once per week. Will I fail miserably or will I find a groove and succeed? Both are very real possibilities :) 

CMHA 2000 Push Up Challenge

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