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These are the coolest (and coldest!) women in BC!

Updated: Feb 22

Shuswap Adventure Girl

This is Sarah Tokarek (aka. The Shuswap Adventure Girl). Born up north in The Yukon and raised by extreme outdoor enthusiast parents, Sarah was destined to be an outdoor adventurer. After spending her teenage years in Prince George and going to college in Vancouver, Sarah eventually landed in Sorrento, BC where she and her family are thriving in their natural surroundings. Sarah loves the scenery, the recreation, and the people so much that she's made a career out of it. If you spend any time on the trails, in the community, or online, you are bound to run into Sarah as she documents her journeys on social media and on her website

Shuswap Lady Alliance

An amazing contribution to the women of this area has been the Shuswap Chapter of 'The Lady Alliance'. The Lady Alliance is a "nonprofit aiming to support, amplify and inspire individuals and communities to build a more inclusive and equitable outdoor industry." Sarah joined forces with her friends to launch the hugely successful Shaswap group that regularly draws out dozens of women to hiking, skiing, swimming, snowshoeing, and even overnight backpacking tours to visit the most jaw dropping vistas and waterfalls in BC. I'm left wondering when The Men's Alliance will start up so we can match all the fun that they're having :)

Cold dipping in Shuswap Lake

The most recent content that really caught my attention coming from Sarah's socials has been all about cold dipping. I can only hope that one day I'll have a small fraction of the mental toughness that this group has. With all the research surfacing about the benefits of cold dipping it's easy to see the attraction. I have personally experienced the restorative benefits of cold water soaking while hiking The Grand Canyon, but Sarah and her crew have taken it to the next level. Following in the footsteps of Wim Hof himself, nothing stops these folks from hopping into Shuswap Lake to prove to the frigid water, the world, and themselves that they are unstoppable! Need to see it for yourself? Want to join them? You can follow @shuswap_adventure_girl on instagram to see the latest photos and video.

I think all that's left to be said is THANKS! Sarah, you are an amazing asset to our communities and a blessing to all the women who get to be Shuswap Adventure Girls alongside you."

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