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2000 Push UP Challenge! - Week 1 Update

Updated: Feb 21

Well week 1 is behind us and we're most of the way through week 2. We? Who's we? Well, the day before the challenge began I asked some friends and family if they'd want to join and we ended up with a team of 8. Woo hoo! So far we have done 2,754 push ups! Even my kids have joined the action and are doing hundreds of legit push ups! I would never have guessed that they'd be able to keep up :)

I did however hit a bump in the road. Just as a felt like I was hitting my stride I caught a cold! Grrr! That has left me roughly 100 push ups behind schedule. Fortunately we're allowed to do extra push ups to catch up but this doesn't leave much room for any more hiccups.

Wish me luck!

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