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TripAdvisor Giveaway

Simply review us on Trip Advisor before January 28, 2024 to be entered.

One lucky reviewer will win a 2 night getaway for 2!

*Please email us if your TripAdvisor display name doesn't obviously let us know who you are* 

Trade Program

Do you have skills, experiences, services, or consumables that you'd like to offer?

Contact us to arrange a swap to cover all or part of your stay.

Below is a list of examples that we're interested in but please feel free to let us know if you'd like to offer something not listed. 

- fun things to do / experiences

- house cleaning ($30/hour credit)

- caulking fiber cement siding ($25/hour credit)

- bucking logs (experienced with own chainsaw)

- tree falling (by contract with experienced business)

- picking up deadfall in the forest $20 per hour per person credit

- concrete pad installation (by contract with experienced business)

- electrician

- painting ($35/hour credit. Experienced business)

- car mechanic

- groceries

- car detailing

- Online marketing work (only experience required is being very comfortable on social media) $20 per hour, 10h per month, min 1 year = $2400 credit

- SEO (by contract with experienced business)

- Stays in other accommodations (hotels, airbnbs, etc)

Trip Advisor Giveaway
Trade Program

WC Affiliate Program

1)Tell us what you want your personalized code to be

2) Share your code

3)Get rewarded!

We want to thank you for recommending us to others. When some one you refer stays here you will receive a Woodland Cabins credit toward future stays! Affiliates receive 10% of the total sales that they refer! One social media post could earn a free getaway in no time!


Can I combine my credit from past years or can two guests both use their credit for one stay? Absolutely!

Do I have to use my credit all in one stay? No, The cost of your stay is simply deducted from your credit total. 

Does my credit expire? You have three years to use your credit after it has been issued

Are there any black out periods? None at all!

Can I get my credit early? Unfortunately not. All credits will be issued in the fall of each year

Who can be an affiliate? Anyone who has stayed at Woodland Cabins

Can I use my own code on my own future stays? You sure can!

Ready to get started?

Just send us an email at containing:

- what you want your code to be

- the dates that you stayed here or the name on the reservation

It's just that easy!

Affiliate Program
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