Terms & Conditions
These Terms and Conditions are considered accepted upon making a reservation.

This short-term travel occupancy agreement (hereinafter "Agreement") is dated on the date of booking the reservation and is between:

Woodland Cabins, having an address at the following:

2772 Schmid Road, Sorrento BC, V0E 2W1 (hereinafter referred to as the "Host")


The guest making the reservation

(hereinafter referred to as the "Guest")

(the Host and the Guest are hereinafter referred to as the "Parties")

Submitting the payment and booking request online expresses full agreement with these terms and conditions.

The Parties hereby agree as follows:


The Host hereby rents unto the Guest, and the Guest hereby rents from the Host, one of the real property units located at the following address:

Woodland Cabins

Sorrento BC V0E 2W1

(hereinafter referred to as the "Property").


The Hemlock Tiny House is furnished and includes the following:

2 Bedrooms:

-One large and one small with Panoramic mountain view windows

-One queen bed and one full bed

-Premium  mattresses with memory foam toppers

-Fine linens, pillows, blankets, and luxury duvets


-One bathroom located in the tiny house

- One private shower located in the shower building 30 meters from the Tiny House

Main Living Space:

-Windows overlooking deck and mountain views

-Climate controlled by Guest (air conditioning)

Fully equipped kitchenette

-Appliances: Stainless Steel Fridge, Counter top oven and stovetop, Dishwasher and Microwave

-Small Appliances: Coffee Maker, Toaster, Blender, Kettle

-Fully Stocked with everything needed for cooking and dining


-Parking for 2 Vehicles

-200 sq ft private deck, Dining furniture, Adirondak Chairs and BBQ

-Private Entrance


The Grand Fir Suite is furnished and includes the following:

3 Bedrooms:

-Master Bedroom; Panoramic mountain view windows

-2 Queen Bedrooms; Large windows with forest and mountain views

-Premium mattresses with memory foam toppers

-Fine linens, pillows, blankets, and luxury duvets


-2 Full Bathrooms

-Guest bathroom includes 6 ft elongated soaker tub

-Ensuite bathroom features 5 ft shower

Main Living Space:

-Vaulted custom beam ceilings

-Massive windows overlooking deck and mountain views

-Climate controlled by Guest (air conditioning)

-Wood stove and stone wall

Woodland Cabins is willing to supply a TV with Netflix Subscription

Fully equipped kitchen

-22 sq ft island

-Appliances: Stainless Steel Fridge, Range, Dishwasher and Microwave

-Small Appliances: Coffee Maker, Toaster, Blender, Kettle

-Fully Stocked with everything needed for cooking and dining


-Parking for 2 Vehicles

-1500 sq ft private yard

-450 sq ft private deck, Dining furniture, Adirondak Chairs and BBQ

-Private Entrance

Laundry – Complimentary Mid-week laundry service for bookings of 7 or more nights. No laundry is available for shorter stays.

- Campfire Pit with 10 chairs


There is to be no more than six (6) adults (age 15+) and a total of 10 guests per booking. No exceptions.



This Agreement will begin on and end on the dates selected by the guests.

The time period between the Check-In Date to the Check-Out date will hereinafter be referred to as the "Term".

The Guest must vacate the Property by the Check-Out Date at 11am, unless the Host and the Guest both agree in writing to extend the Term of the Guest's rental of the Property. The unit is being rented on a short term basis and extensions beyond the initial departure date are not guaranteed. The Host will do their best to accommodate the Guest’s needs and try to give the Guest first right of refusal.


Renting this Property requires a minimum stay of the following: 2 days during the low season and 3 days in shoulder and high seasons. Longer minimum stays may be required during holiday and summer periods. If the Guest wishes to take the rental for less than the minimum stay, the Guest will be charged for the entire minimum stay rather than the actual number of days the Guest stays.



The Guest agrees to abide by the following rental rules at all times during the Guest's stay at the Property:

Quiet hours: Outdoors are 10pm to 9am. Indoor quiet hours are from 11:59pm to 7:30am.

Alcohol and Marijuana: There is to be no excessive consumption of alcohol or marijuana on the premises to protect the safety of the Guests, Hosts, and the Property. Marijuana smoking is subject to the same regulations listed under Section 12 of this agreement.


a) The Guest shall pay the rental fee as stated online at the time of the booking. Full payment is required upon booking.

b) The Guest will also be responsible for the following additional fees:

Cleaning fee, Extra Persons Fees (not applicable to summer 7 day bookings)

c) The cancellation policy is as follows: (Summer 7 day bookings see 5d)

Cancelling prior to 45 days in advance will receive a full refund

Cancelling 0 to 45 days prior to check in will result in the dates being relisted. If the dates are booked by another party, the cancelling party will receive a full or partial refund based on how much is recovered minus a $100 administration fee.

d) Cancelling summer 7 day bookings at any time will result in the dates being relisted. If the dates are booked by another party, the cancelling party will receive a full or partial refund based on how much is recovered minus a $100 administration fee.


Under the terms of this Agreement, access to the Property by the Host may be undertaken as follows:

b) The Host may enter the dwelling unit at any time for the protection or preservation of the Property. Host may enter the dwelling unit upon reasonable notice to the Guest and at a reasonable time for the purpose of repair of the Property. 'Reasonable notice' for the purpose of repair is notice given at least 24 hours prior to the entry, and reasonable time for the purpose of repair will be between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Host may enter the dwelling unit when necessary for the further purposes set forth above under any of the following circumstances:

I) With the consent of the Guest;

II) In case of emergency; or

III) When the Guest unreasonably withholds consent;

c) The Host shall not abuse the right of access nor use it to harass the Guest.


Should the Guest violate any of the terms of this Agreement, the Host may terminate the Parties' relationship and this Agreement immediately and without notice. The Guest waives any and all rights under this Agreement upon any violation or breach. The Guest shall vacate the Property immediately upon the Host's request. If the Host finds any damage to the Property, which amounts to a monetary cost of more than any given security deposit or rental fees, the Host may seek all legal avenues for recovery.


The Guest shall maintain the Property in a good and clean manner and use the premises lawfully. Guest shall leave the Property the way Guest found it at the beginning of this Agreement. If Guest has left the Property in any way that requires additional maintenance and/or repairs, Guest hereby agrees to pay for such maintenance or repairs. Additionally, Guest agrees that if there is any delay in everyday maintenance or repairs for reasons beyond Host's control during the term of this Agreement, this shall have no effect on Guest's obligations under this Agreement.


Registered guests only. No daytime visitors allowed. No exceptions.


All damages will be charged to the Guest’s credit card.


Certified service dogs only. This does not include therapy dogs. Proof of certification required.


Guests of the Grand Fir Suite have access to their fire pit. The fire may at no time have flames that reach higher than 24 inches and may NEVER leave the fire pit. The fire must be put out fully using water prior to leaving the fire pit. Anyone found to be violating this will be asked to leave the property immediately and forfeits any rental fees and security deposits. The lights around the fire pit will go off at 10pm as a reminder of quiet hours. If Guests are noisy after these hours the Host will put out the fire and ask the guests to return to their dwelling. Firewood is provided free of charge by the host. Guest of any other cabins are not permitted open flames of any sort due to the close proximity to trees.

The smoking policy for the Property is as follows:

Smoking of any substance is only permitted in designated outdoor locations. Smoking indoors or outside the designated smoking area is strictly prohibited. Anyone found to be violating this will be asked to leave the property and forfeits any rental fees and security deposits. This is to protect against fires in a woodland environment.


The Guest shall dispose of trash in the following place and manner:

Organics may be placed in the composters. Recycling and Garbage may be placed in designated bins.


The Guest may not have unregistered overnight visitors.


The Property shall be used and occupied solely in the following manner:

Short- term vacation use only. This Agreement is only for transient vacation or travel occupancy of the Property, and the Guest may not make the

Property a residence or permanent household. The Residential Tenancy Act does not apply to this Agreement under Part 1, Division 1, Section 4(e):

This Act does not apply to (e) living accommodation occupied as vacation or travel accommodation


Guest shall not have any firearms or other flammable or hazardous materials on the property, such as fireworks.


The Guest shall not use the Property for any illegal purpose, including but not limited to illegal drug use, harbouring a fugitive, prostitution, or abuse of any person or animal. If Guest is found to be engaging in any illegal activities on the Property, this shall be cause for immediate termination of this Agreement.


If the Guest notices any deficient activity, such as beeping, from any fire alarm on the Property, the Guest shall notify Host immediately. Otherwise, the

Guest shall not tamper with any fire alarms or smoke detectors on the Property.


The Property is equipped with a telephone for local and 911 calls only. Long-distance calls must be charged to a calling card.


Access to the Internet has been provided in the Property as a courtesy and convenience for the Guest. The Guest hereby acknowledges and agrees that internet access is not integral to this Agreement. No refund of any payment or fee will be given in case of Internet outages, speed, or access problems.


The Guest may only cook in the areas that are designated as such, such as a specific kitchen area or bbq.


The Guest may not alter or replace any locks on the Property without the prior written consent of the Host. The Guest may also not add any new locks on the Property without the consent of the Host. If the Guest installs any additional locks (with the Host's consent), the locks will stay on the Property atthe expiration of the Agreement and will become the property of the Host.


The Guest agrees not to keep any hazardous item on the Property, whether chemically dangerous or otherwise lethal or that might be considered hazardous by any legitimate insurance company.


The Host is responsible for arranging and paying for all utilities. Host is responsible for propane supplied to BBQ under normal usage conditions. Unreasonable use of utilities will be billed to the Guest’s credit card


The Host may not interfere with the Guest's peaceful use and quiet enjoyment of the Property.


The Property will be made available in a condition permitting habitation, with reasonable safety.



The Guest shall not make any alterations, additions or improvements or do any type of construction to the Property.


The Guest is not permitted to assign this Agreement or sublet the unit. The Guest may also not grant any license to use the Property or any part of the Property.


The Host is not liable for any damage or injury to Guest or Guest's invitees, licensees or other guests on or in the Property and the Guest hereby agrees to indemnify, defend and hold the Host harmless from any and all claims or assertions of every kind and nature. The Guest acknowledges that the rented suite may or may not contain a ladder to loft sleeping areas. If the Guest has any concerns they should be expressed prior to booking. 


No modification of this Agreement shall be binding upon Host unless in writing and signed by Host. Modification to any part or sub-part of this Agreement shall have no effect on any other part or sub-part of this Agreement and the remainder of the Agreement shall remain in full force and effect.


If Guest or any of Guest's invitees, licensees, and/or guests are significantly injured or any of Guest's personal property is damaged on the Property or in any common area, Guest shall provide written notice to Host, to be delivered or sent to the address listed at the head of this Agreement, as soon aspossible but in no event later than 24 hours after the date of injury or damage. If Guest does not provide such timely notice, this shall be considered a breach of the Agreement.


Any items left behind by the Guest will be held for 30 days after check out. Every reasonable effort will be made to contact the Guest for their return.

Items can be shipped to the guest at the guest expense. The Lessor is not responsible for these items. If they are not claimed within 30 days, the Guests forfeit the Guest’s rights to such items and the Lessor shall not be held responsible for any disposal.


If any part of sub-part of this agreement is deemed invalid by court order, judgment or other operation of law, the remaining parts and sub-parts of this agreement shall remain valid and enforceable to the fullest extent.


If Host fails to enforce strict performance of any part or sub-part of this Agreement, this shall not be construed as a waiver of Host's right to enforce the same part or sub-part later in time or to enforce any other part or sub-part.


This Agreement will be governed by and construed exclusively in accordance with the laws of the province of British Columbia, and the laws of Canada in effect in British Columbia. For litigation arising from this Agreement, the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of British Columbia, and to any other court having jurisdiction over the party solely to enforce a judgment of a court of British Columbia. Neither party may seek to enforce an order that has its origin in any court other than the courts of British Columbia.


Notices given under this Agreement or other applicable law will be given in writing or via email. Notices by the Guest to Host will not be considered complete until actual receipt by Host at the address listed at the head of this Agreement or guestservices@woodlandcabins.ca. The Host or Host's agents, including any property managers, secretaries, or assistants, shall accept demands and/or service of process at the same address. Notices by the Host to the Guest shall be deemed delivered when deposited in the mail to the address of the Property or hand-delivered or placed in the mailbox of the Guest at the Property or when Host replies to acknowledge receiving an email. Notices by the Host to the Guest will be deemed delivered if addressed to a last known post office box address of Guest or if replied to via email.


This Agreement may be executed in counterparts, all of which will constitute a single agreement.


This Agreement supersedes all prior agreement, understandings, or addendum whether oral or written, in connection therewith. 'The purpose of this type of clause is to try to ensure that the terms and conditions governing the parties' obligations and their intentions are set out in a single contractual document.



These Terms and Conditions are considered accepted upon making a reservation.

2772 Schmid Road

Sorrento, BC, V0E 2W1  |  250 803 4670

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