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2772 Schmid Road

White Lake/Sorrento, BC

Tel: 250 803 4670

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Driving Directions

Heading west on HWY 1: Turn Left on to Balmoral Road (Chevron Station)
Heading east on Hwy 1: Turn Right on to Balmoral Road (Chevron Station)
Turn right immediately onto White Lake Road (behind the Chevron Station)
Follow windy White Lake Road for 6 minutes.
You will arrive at a 170 degree bend in the road to stay on White Lake Road. (If you continue straight and pass White Lake Hall. You are now on Parri road. Go back to White Lake Road)
Drive for 30 more seconds on White Lake road over a small bridge between Little White Lake and White Lake and 30 more seconds to Schmid Road.
Make a very sharp right turn onto Schmid Road.
2772 Schmid Road is the driveway at the end of Schmid Road up to the left.
Follow the signs to your reserved accommodations.