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View of Shuswap Lake and Copper Island

Frequently Asked Questions


How close is the Lake?

White Lake is just 250m from Woodland Cabins. It is a short walk to kayak, paddle board, and fishing boat rentals and a swim area is just 2 minutes away by car. 

How do I access the lake? Where are the closest beaches?

That depends on what you want to do at the lake. To rent a boat the shop is located a 90 seconds walk to the bottom of our street. They offer canoes, kayaks, rowboats, fishing boats, and one 4 person pontoon boat all at the best prices around. White Lake is the second clearest lake in BC and it is definitely worth getting onto or into. To go swimming there is a small swimming area located on Parri Road called Hugh Road Park. (There is no Hugh Road) There's also The White Lake Provincial Campground and several spots to pull off the side of the road farther down. White Lake has stunningly clean and warm water great for swimming, floating, and boating but for sandy beaches there are several options on Shuswap lake between 10 and 30 minutes from here. Click here to see a map of all these options. 

What cooking facilities are included?

The cooking facilities in the micro cabins consists of a microwave, mini fridge, kettle, and a coffee maker. There are glasses and mugs and are similar to what you would find in a hotel room.

The cooking facilities in the rooms is a large shared prep-style kitchen (no cooking) which includes basics like plates, bowls, cutlery, glasses, and mugs. There is a fridge, a dishwasher, toaster, coffee maker, and a kettle. The oven and cooktop are disabled.

The cooking facilities in The Grand Fir Suite include a fully stocked and fully functional large kitchen suitable for preparing meals for groups. 

Where should I go hiking?

This area is very well known for its hiking! The best place to start is The White Lake Lookout trail. The trailhead is just a 2 minute drive away. It is a moderately difficult 35 minute hike (one way) with an exceptionally rewarding view at the top. For more details on this and hundreds of other hikes, check out or click here to see a local map. 

Is there internet and phone service? 

All our units have free very fast wifi. Cell service is dependent on the network however the main building has a cell phone booster to assist with finding signal. There is a courtesy/emergency landline phone located on the exterior wall of the shower house building. 

Can I bring my pet?

Certified service dogs only. This does not include therapy or comfort dogs. Proof of certification required. Sneaking in pets will be charged $500 per pet per night and will result in the immediate termination of your stay without refund.

What is the cancellation and minimum stay policy?

Guests will have the option of selecting a non-refundable or refundable stay at time of reservation. Both non-refundable and refundable stays can be cancelled within 24 hours of making the reservation. A full refund minus credit card fees will be provided for cancellations within 24 hours of booking.  After the 24 hour grace period, no refund will be given for any reason for non-refundable stays. Refundable stays are eligible for a full refund minus credit card fees based on the terms and conditions listed at the time of purchase. Note that this coverage is provided by Refund Protect ( In addition to the coverage provided by Refund Protect, with documentation proving that a claim was denied, Woodland Cabins will offer a 50% refund to guests who cancel due to reasons that are not covered by the third party insurance at least 30 days before check-in date. Refundable coverage is not available to reservations over $1,897.

Is there a BBQ?

There is a shared BBQ for the Grand Fir Room, The Silver Birch Room, The Mountain Alder Room. The Grand Fir Suite has a BBQ. There is not a BBQ for the micro cabins. 

What are the house rules? 

All the detailed house rules can be found in our Terms & Conditions but here are some of the more common ones: No additional guests, no daytime visitors without written permission, no pets, smoking is allowed in designated outdoor areas, no parties, no illegal activities, abide by quiet hours, no excessive drinking or marijuana use.

Are the units all separate buildings?

The Micro-Cabins are separate buildings. The Silver Birch Room, The Mountain Alder Room, The Grand Fir Room, and The Grand Fir Suite are located on the main floor of the primary building. The host residence is located on the basement level. 

What are the outside quiet hours? 

10:00pm to 8:00am. During the day reasonable outside noise is fine but we ask that no music be played outside. There are no indoor quiet hours but please ensure that any noise is not heard outside.

Can I have a campfire? Can I bring a propane fire?

There is a shared campfire pit centrally located in the main yard area. Bringing a propane fire or BBQ is often an option depending on the forest fire risk but please call ahead. The firepit is closed during quiet hours 10pm to 8am. 

Where can I buy groceries?

Blind Bay Village Grocer is a fantastic full service grocery store just ten minutes from here. It includes a bakery, deli, hot prepared food, ice cream, liquor store, post office, and gas station. Salmon Arm, 20 minutes away, also has any stores you may need. 

Can a guest set up a tent or bring a camper?

Registered guests of the Grand Fir Suite are welcome to set up a tent or a camper in the parking area however these guests are included in the total number of allowed guests


Are daytime visitors allowed?

Daytime visitors are only allowed with permission from the hosts prior to their arrival.

Are kids allowed?

Yes, kids are welcome in the Grand Fir Suite, Aspenwood Cabin, and Thimbleberry Cabin. Infants under 12 months do not count toward the number of guests.


What is Check in/out time?

Check-in is after 4pm  & Check-out is before 11am

Check out for the Grand Fir Suite is 10am

Are there bears and wild animals?

Even though we are in the woods, you can still be comfortable outside. There are no Grizzly bears in this area and in the very rare event that a black bear were nearby, they generally run away. It is always important to practice smart wildlife habits like not putting meat in the garbage cans and making a clapping noise if outside at night just to be on the safe side. Please research wildlife safety if you have concerns. On the other hand, it is very common and lovely to see birds, deer, squirrels, and even the odd rabbit, beaver, turtle, or moose.  


Can we have the hot tub to ourselves?

Yes. We are a very small business with a maximum capacity of 14 total guests so the chances of guests wanting the hot tub at the same time are minimal. We have a time slot sign up sheet for guests to reserve their private use of the hot tub.

Does the hot tub close? How far away is the hot tub?

Yes. The hot tub hours are 9am to 9:30pm to ensure the safety of our guests and that quiet hours are respected. The hot tub is centrally located and nestled in the trees. It is roughly a 40 second walk from The min building and 20 seconds from the micro-cabins.

What happens if I try to sneak in additional guests?

Sneaking in additional guests will result in the credit card on file being charged $500 per guest per night and the reservation will be terminated immediately without refund.

Are there restaurants nearby?

Yes! There are about a dozen great local restaurants about 10 minutes from here and countless more in Salmon Arm (20 minutes). Finz Bar and Grill overlooking the marina and lake is the most popular but reservations are definitely needed. Ranchers Pizza Bar is about a year old and seems to be a big hit. There’s a brand new trendy place called Timber, really good take out Chinese, 2 pizza places (one delivers to Woodland Cabins), a Mediterranean restaurant, Spinnakers and Sprokkets for breakfast, Duffers has delicious food at the golf course, and Copper Island Pub is extremely casual and very fun. They are very reasonably priced and have a games room with billiards, foosball, darts, and more.

What is there to do there?

There is certainly no lack of things to do here. We very very often hear from guests that they wish they had planned a longer stay. Since there are so many answers to that question there's a whole page dedicated to it here.

Where can I find the detailed rental agreement? (terms and conditions)

The detailed rental agreement (terms and conditions) can be found by clicking here. We highly recommend reading this closely. We highly recommend reading this closely. The rare times that a guest is unhappy is almost always because they didn't read this.

Do you have a list of supplies that are included in The Grand Fir Suite?

Yes, you can download the pdf list here. 

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