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2000 Push-up Challenge? Did we finish?

2 kids and 2 adults celebrating doing 2000 push ups

Spoiler Alert! We did it!!!! Not only did I manage to do it but my friends Jordan, Raoul, and Nick, my brother-in-law Stephen, AND my two kids aged 8 and 10 finished too!!!!! What!?!?!? They brought up that they'd be interested in doing the challenge and like every good father would.... I laughed in their faces.  Who knew that Bruce Lee must have been our ancestor because they are little push up machines!!!! And before the nay-sayers chime in and say "I bet they did wimpy pushups", we made a rule that only perfect push ups approved by parents would count. 90 degree elbows up to fully extended arms, 2000 times. I hate to admit but they were way better at it than me. In the words of my son "It's easy unless you're old like Dad!" 

The challenge was certainly not without unwanted excitement. One of our team members broke his leg, two more guys dropped out, I got sick with a cold and then AGAIN with food poisoning which meant that through the last week I was pretty much doing 200 pushups every day to catch up! Let's just say that my rotator cuffs are not exactly happy with me. All in all our team did over 16,000 push ups in 23 days. What a fun challenge! If Canadian Mental Health Association does it again next year I highly recommend that you join! 


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